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Hooked on Social Media: Keep that data flowing

The children are addicted, teens are addicted, even grandparents are addicted to that rush of notifications and likes - and they just can’t quit. But the rush doesn't last forever. Why are we so into these apps that make us miserable?
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a woman is immersed in technology, knowing ai is everywhere

Artificial Intelligence – the disease and the cure

In the Epilogue for the FADS book, I predicted “AI will be the disease and the cure.” With artificial intelligence giving marketers the power to know what consumers want, and better accuracy to modify behavior in order to sell their products, there would be some nasty side effects.
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The middle path for meat producers

We have all been programed as consumers, with a sense of fear driving our behaviors over time. We live in a world of extremes, and it's not sustainable. The middle path is the only way forward.
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Cricket pasta

The Creepy Crawly Food Trends of 2022

If you’ve been paying attention the past couple months to the predicted food industry trends for 2022, you might have seen that edible insects are the next big thing - in fine dining, in pet food, and in farming.
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woman smelling a product in a store

The Future of Sensory Marketing

Without the ability to physically stimulate our senses with Smell-O-Vision, scent bubbles, or lickable screens, brands that rely on sensory marketing are getting a crash course in some of the ways to reach audiences online with tactics they may not have had to try before.
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