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Rabbit Holes

Jump down the rabbit hole with us and learn more about notable marketing campaigns, disturbing trends, and other captivating tales about the biggest brands then hop on over to Amazon and buy the print, digital or audio versions of FADS Marketing: Food, Alcohol, Drugs, Sex and the New Marketing World Order.

Generation Alpha’s Skincare Obsession: Behind the Sephora Kids trend

Authenticity is a savvy marketing trend, as popular as fancy coffee, balancing real appeal with technological flair. Brands embracing genuine engagement, especially for tweens, resonate more amid fleeting fads.
A convoy of eco friendly delivery vans and bicycle delivery drivers fill the streets of a busy city

The Magic Behind the Marketing: Selling Green Dreams

Green subscription boxes are sprouting eco-habits and wallets, mixing savvy marketing with sustainability to keep both the planet and profits growing.

How Crocs and Stanley Captured Our Hearts and Redefined Essentials

Ever wondered how Crocs and Stanley went from cool to can't-live-without? It's all about making us feel part of something big, yet ourselves. Dive into the story that's got everyone talking—and joining the fan club.

Caffeine and Capsules: Study Aids on College Campuses

Amid the stacks of textbooks and glow of screens, students are turning to a controversial duo of allies in their academic endeavors: energy drinks and pharmaceutical study aids.
Cozy at home, the hermit consumer doesn't need to go out to go shopping

The Hermit Consumer: A 2024 Trend to Watch

The Hermit Consumer is set to reshape marketing strategies in 2024, prompting marketers to capitalize on this transformative shift in consumer behavior.
a gourmet meal of tinned fish

The Viral Appeal of Tinned Fish

Once relegated to emergency rations or a quick-fix for busy weeknight dinners, tinned fish has undergone a culinary renaissance, gaining popularity among chefs and home cooks alike.
a micro influencer does a cooking show in her kitchen with a large bright ring light illuminating the space

The Rise of Micro-Influencers

Exploring the rise of micro-influencers in various industries, from food to cannabis, and their impact on culture, authenticity, and brand connections.
a waitress serves a beer to a man in a bar seated with his friend who is in a wheelchair with assistive devices

Craft Beer: From Boom to Brew-hoo?

Grab a pint and join us as we raise our glasses to the craft beer scene. We're about to embark on a journey that'll take us from its spirited rise to the intriguing crossroads it faces today.
Woman in a pink shopping cart surrounded by pink products

Painting the Town Pink with Barbie

The Barbie movie marketing campaign is officially a global phenomenon, tempting even the most skeptical into becoming Barbie curious. Did they get you?
Robot serves a glass of wine

Go home ChatGPT – you’re drunk

The future is here and we're taking a look at getting our drink on with AI-generated cocktails and beer.
Psilocybin mushrooms can be used to treat PTSD and depression.

Tripping Towards the Middle Path

Psychedelics are back baby and like we said in the book, everyone is taking medicinal plants much more seriously now than we did in the past. Are you ready?
Woman sits in the dark enthralled by her companion, an AI chat bot

AI Unleashed: The erotic frontier of chatbots and sex

We're diving into a spicy rabbit hole to explore AI chatbots and sex where ethical concerns about privacy, consent, and data handling are front and center.

They've got their hooks in you. 

FADS rise quickly, burn hot and fall out. They say you're fat, you're no fun, you need to relax, and you might even die alone.

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