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Rabbit Holes

Jump down the rabbit hole with us and learn more about notable marketing campaigns, disturbing trends, and other captivating tales about the biggest brands then hop on over to Amazon and buy the print, digital or audio versions of FADS Marketing: Food, Alcohol, Drugs, Sex and the New Marketing World Order.

group of gen z teens hold signs saying they are who they are and that they care about nature

Good Value vs. Good Values

Are the days when a business could get by on providing a good value alone gone now that Gen Z is demanding good values?
two women work out together outside

Body Positivity – can they still shame us if we love ourselves?

Body positivity - the rise of feelin yourself and ignoring the haters - how will marketers get you if you don't think you're gross? Spoiler - in the same way.
a man sits in a cafe reading the news

An update at what’s happening in #FADS news

We thought it would be fun to bring back #FADSFriday and gather the most interesting bits of recent #FADS news in this special round up.
a robot and human touch fingers

A new twist on the oldest profession

Before there were endless dating apps, sex robots, and little blue pills, marketing and sex have been linked for centuries. And of course, selling sexual acts has long been referred to as “the world’s oldest profession” for good reason.
girl looks at syringe full of drugs

Does modern culture glamorize drug use?

Euphoria, Breaking Bad, Trainspotting, Requiem for a Dream - all pop culture touchstones accused of glamorizing drugs. But do they?
a woman is immersed in technology, knowing ai is everywhere

Artificial Intelligence – the disease and the cure

In the Epilogue for the FADS book, I predicted “AI will be the disease and the cure.” With artificial intelligence giving marketers the power to know what consumers want, and better accuracy to modify behavior in order to sell their products, there would be some nasty side effects.
a computer screen shows the breakdown of a successful ad spend

FADS Marketing: Influencing trends and changing behavior

Making smart choices, considering the dangers before handing off your data on silly internet quizzes, and using privacy-focused search engines can help. But you can’t stop it. It’s far too late for that.

The middle path for meat producers

We have all been programed as consumers, with a sense of fear driving our behaviors over time. We live in a world of extremes, and it's not sustainable. The middle path is the only way forward.
man and woman on a virtual date over a computer

Sex – what’s changed during the pandemic?

So what are the latest dating trends in the time of the pandemic? Let's find out and explore how FADS are influencing our dating behavior now.
woman holds glass of whiskey, staring at it sadly

Need a drink?

In FADS, we talk about how the alcohol industry has used gender, nostalgia, insecurity and other vulnerabilities to get us drunk - where are we at in 2022?
elderly woman and man share a joint

The Cannabis Revolution in 2022

In just a short period of time we've gone from "Reefer Madness" to political candidates smoking weed in campaign commercials. Why the 180 on 420?
food waste overflows in the trash

Campaign of Note: Mayo Tackles Food Waste

Addressing food waste, and highlighting sustainability are noble causes, but make no mistake. Hellman's is not spending millions and millions of dollars to make people feel good.

They've got their hooks in you. 

FADS rise quickly, burn hot and fall out. They say you're fat, you're no fun, you need to relax, and you might even die alone. In fact, FADS bank on the fact that you already believe all of that. 

Ready to learn how it works?

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