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The devil stands with a beautiful woman and says marijuana is a vicious racket with its arms around your children, the smoke of hell, sin, degradation, vice, insanity

Hemp, another prohibition tale

While it’s true that synthetic fibers began to increase in popularity and that hemp was a victim of the war on drugs propaganda, that’s not exactly the whole story. As with most history, the real story is even more incredible than that, buckle up and dive in.
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two women talk about depression during a therapy session

Yes, you are depressed

What if we all had access to the mental healthcare we need? Great news—private investors, app developers, and big pharma to the rescue!
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Hooked on Social Media: Keep that data flowing

The children are addicted, teens are addicted, even grandparents are addicted to that rush of notifications and likes - and they just can’t quit. But the rush doesn't last forever. Why are we so into these apps that make us miserable?
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group of gen z teens hold signs saying they are who they are and that they care about nature

Good Value vs. Good Values

Are the days when a business could get by on providing a good value alone gone now that Gen Z is demanding good values from the brands they do business with?
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