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Painting the Town Pink with Barbie

How Culinary Collaborations Added Flavor to the Movie Hype

Over the summer, the world witnessed a marketing spectacle that would put even the most iconic Hollywood blockbusters to shame – the Barbie movie marketing campaign. In a dazzling display of pink-hued nostalgia and strategic partnerships, Barbie became not just a doll but an omnipresent cultural phenomenon.

The campaign has included a series of collaborations spanning from fashion to food, transcending conventional marketing tactics to spark a viral sensation.

Food’s Allure in the Marketing Landscape

As FADS readers know, food isn’t just about sustenance; it’s an embodiment of culture, lifestyle, and aspiration. It’s a language that transcends barriers and speaks directly to our senses. Studies have shown that incorporating food into marketing campaigns not only captures attention but also enhances memorability. The Barbie campaign’s culinary undertakings elevated the art of food collaboration, generating the kind of buzz every marketer dreams of.

From whimsical pink lemonades to Instagram-worthy pool floats and even a fast-food spectacle in the form of the “Barbie burger,” every food-related partnership became a canvas to paint the essence of Barbie’s vibrant world. These enticing collaborations not only promise to tantalize taste buds but also capture the sparkle of Barbie’s spirit, captivating fans worldwide.

Pink Palates and Marketing Magic

So what are some of the Barbie branded food collabs we’ve heard the most about? Let’s take a closer look at a few.

Pinkberry’s Frozen Yogurt

Pinkberry, adorned with its iconic pink aesthetic, introduced the Barbie Land Berry Pink as a part of the movie’s marketing lineup. This creation boasts a delightful blend of strawberry and dragon fruit frozen yogurt, served in a pink cup adorned with silver and pink “Dream Sprinkles.”


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Alongside this delectable treat, Pinkberry also launched the Best Bundle Ever contest for the movie release, giving 10 fans a chance to win a prize package featuring Fandango movie passes, a $50 Pinkberry gift card, and “Barbie: The Movie” merchandise like caps, tote bags, and beach towels. For frozen yogurt enthusiasts and “Barbie” fans, this contest added an extra layer of excitement to the movie experience, creating a swirl of delicious fun.

Cold Stone Creamery’s Ice Cream Creations

Cold Stone has two different Barbie treats to choose from – the All That Glitters is Gold Pink Creation™ and the Best Cake Ever™

Earning only 1.9 out of 5 Barbies from Bon Appetit, the looks of the creation disappointed the reviewer but this delicious concoction is a hit with other customers.

TikTok went crazy with a blended shake version of the Creation, with viral videos showing customers taking a sip before spinning around and becoming “Yassified” by the creamy pink shake. Even this adorable little forklift got in on the action.

@towlift The @Cold Stone Creamery @Barbie Movie Shake Slaaayyyyys! Toby is a Barbie Girl! 💎💖🪩💅 #barbieshake #carsoftiktok #barbie #barbiegirl #yassification #grimace #grimaceshake #grimacebirthday #fyp #trend #mcdonalds #coldstone #coldstonecreamery #barbiemovie #towlift #forklift #mechanic #purr ♬ Barbie Girl – Lady Aqua

Krispy Kreme Philippines

Of course, Barbie is a worldwide phenomenon, and food is a universal language so it shouldn’t be surprising to see that Krispy Kreme in the Philippines is embracing the whimsical essence of “Barbie” by offering the Cotton Candy Chiller as a part of its “Barbie” collection.

This blue-and-pink beverage boasts the delightful taste of cotton candy, coupled with a generous dose of glitter and sparkle. As part of the “Barbie” experience, fans can pair it with “Barbie”-themed donuts available at Krispy Kreme Philippines. This offering encapsulates the joy of Barbie’s world, making every day feel like the Best Day Ever.

Barbie Burgers in Brazil and Australia

In Brazil, Burger King’s Barbie Burger raised eyebrows, audaciously pairing a bubblegum-pink sauce-drenched burger with Ken’s potatoes. While the Burger King partnership stirred up a pink frenzy on social media, some questioned the appetizing appeal of a burger cloaked in bubblegum-pink sauce. The novelty factor may have overshadowed the culinary experience.

Meanwhile, in Australia, Grill’d serves up their burger with a bright pink mayo, juicy beef, charred pineapple, lettuce, avocado, tomato, Spanish onion, and a touch of tomato sauce all on a pink bun creating an Australian take on the ultimate burger experience. Dubbed the Barbie Dreamburger Bundle the burger is complemented by fun fries, a pink mayo dip, a Raspberry Sodaly drink, all presented in a “Barbie”-branded box.

Tasting the Magic

The Barbie movie marketing campaign has masterfully utilized strategic partnerships and multisensory experiences. Barbie’s campaign transcends mere movie promotion, exemplifying the enduring impact of creativity and collaboration in the world of marketing.

Through these partnerships, the campaign not only prompts audiences to relish a movie but also to celebrate the enchanting interplay between pop culture and nostalgia on a global scale, leaving a flavorful trail of memories that highlight the potency of imagination, collaboration, and strategic branding.

Even if you never intended to see the Barbie movie, immersion in all things Barbie was unavoidable.

At the end of July, comedian Marc Maron shared on his podcast WTF (at around 6:00) about his experience seeing the film, being humbled with humor, and finding it “monumental.”  

I knew I was going to see to see it because of the expansive, all encompassing cultural phenomenon it was, I had no expectations, I did not know what it was about… It seemed like a global cultural phenomenon.”

And that is exactly the kind of buzz the Barbie movie marketing team wanted to create.

They’ve got their hooks in you. 

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