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Watch Porn Tonight - FADS Marketing looks at the influence of sex

Pornhub as a lifestyle brand?

Following in the footsteps of the original porn-based lifestyle brand, Playboy, Pornhub is hoping to make their brand more accessible, more approachable, and find that FADS Book Middle Path towards profits from a broader market.

In 2018, Vox wrote about Pornhub’s multi-faceted brand building activities over the years as they moved to increase their market share among women and capitalize on increasing acceptance and open-mindedness when it comes to sex.

Ashnikko talks about PornHub in her song Stupid

While most of us in Gen X remember 2 Live Crew being prosecuted for being too horny, in 2019, more than 3 million TikToks were set to Asnikko’s Stupid, a song Pitchfork called, “a venemous rap song animated by its snide dismissal of men, ghoulish theatrics, and Pornhub shoutouts”. With more than a million views in the first 24 hours the official video was up on YouTube, and the audience of mostly teenage girls probably didn’t even blink at the reference to their dad’s favorite porn site.

After a rocky end to 2020, Pornhub has spent the last couple of years looking at how to purge abusive and illegal content and generate good will to keep people choosing their site for all their horny needs. And according to their 2021 review, people are still coming (sorry).

Knowing how much Millennials and Gen Z love to support brands who support causes they care about, their latest campaign joins in on the fight against climate change, promoting sustainable lifestyle choices and habits. That’s right, PornHub is giving out tips on how to live a more earth-friendly lifestyle.

And PornHub’s executives aren’t going to stop though, they will become, as one said in Vanity Fair, “even more of that brand – the new Playboy,” he said. “A responsible brand working in the adult space, a household name that destigmatized porn…an adult-entertainment company that operates with equal parts irreverence and professionalism.”

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