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How’s Your Dry January Going?

We are about mid-way through January right now, and just about once a day for the last two weeks I’ve heard the question “How’s your Dry January” going?”

Seemingly out of nowhere, this personal challenge from the UK came to the US and was everywhere, every January. And not too long after, the Australian Sober October also became popular in the US.

But do you really think it’s a coincidence that we now have not one, but two months of the year dedicated to drinking non-alcoholic beverages?

You might remember our FADS Marketing Book prediction that we would see a rise in non-alcoholic beverages that actually taste good, and we would see low and no alcohol versions of all our favorites as part of a move towards the middle path. And that’s exactly what we saw in 2021 – and that’s what is predicted to continue well into 2022.

Marketers Were Ready For This

Drinking habits, attitudes, and behaviors for each generation are closely monitored by marketers, because they need to craft just the right messages and campaigns to keep their steady customers coming and reach the next generation of drinkers. They saw it early, Millennials were drinking less than Gen X, both were drinking far less than Boomers, and now we’re seeing Gen Z drinking even less than that.

Now doesn’t it make sense why there’s so much buzz every Dry January and Sober October? They each make the perfect time of the year to try out some delicious non-alcoholic beverages as a whole new industry takes shape with products, events, and more.

Don’t Worry! Dry January Is Almost Over.

The great majority of those who dabble with a Dry January or take advantage of Sober October to lose a few pounds before the holidays are not going to stick to it year round, they like to drink.

This means there’s still alcohol to sell, and marketers crafting the messages to sell it.

So What’s Coming In 2022?

We’re predicting that we will still see alcohol marketers use plenty of kooky characters and our favorite celebrities will continue to sell us drinks, just as they have in the last few years. And if you didn’t know yet, Gen Z relishes in the absurd, so you should expect that it will only get weirder, and probably more dark out there.

Social Responsibility Matters

Did you notice that Johnnie Walker campaign? We’re going to see more brands align with and promote social causes. Both Millennials and Gen Z feel strongly about supporting brands that align with their values and they are also paying attention to brand ownership in ways that other generations have not in the past.

And while our buddies the edible insects that we covered in the Food chapter of the FADS Book are in this delicious beer, we think cannabis-infused drinks will be an easier sell to the US market.

Follow Gen Z Down the Middle Path

We’re holding to our predictions from FADS Marketing and watching in awe as Gen Z is showing us the middle path where we can relish a well-made cocktail, and then maybe grab a low-alcohol seltzer, or enjoy a non-alcoholic mocktail.

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