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Robot serves a glass of wine

Go home ChatGPT – you’re drunk

It was only a matter of time before AI came for the bartenders

The AI invasion of the cocktail world is in full swing.

And Lui Fernandes (above) isn’t the only one experimenting with what AI can create for a unique drink menu.

The best cocktail in the world

In March 2023, ChatGPT apparently designed the ‘best cocktail in the world,’ aptly named the Heavenly Sipper. Dusk, a nightlife app in the UK, put in the request for this divine concoction, and boy, did ChatGPT deliver!

What’s in this heavenly elixir? A mix of gin, lime juice, St-Germain elderflower liqueur, absinthe, Cointreau, orange bitters, honey syrup, and sparkling wine—a party of epic proportions for your taste buds. If you’re not into the hard stuff—keeping with the on-going non-alcoholic trend—this drink is also available with a delightful blend of lime juice, honey syrup, elderflower cordial, and more.


Humans vs Machines

Houston’s Axelrad bar is also taking AI mixology to a whole new level with their “Humans vs. Machines” drink showdown. ChatGPT, the AI language generator, has crafted four impressive drinks, including the tantalizing Sweet Heat mocktail with mango nectar and cayenne. But the human bartenders are firing back with their blazing Paloma, packed with grapefruit and serrano peppers.

While AI might be shaking up the bar scene, it can’t replace the camaraderie and charm of human bartenders (or their ability to taste and decide if the cocktails are actually good). Even with the experiment over, Axelrad plans to keep using ChatGPT’s magic for monthly specials and creative cocktail names.

So, let’s raise a glass to a future where humans and machines mix it up. Cheers!

AI-generated beer

The AI fun doesn’t stop there. ChatGPT isn’t just mixing up cocktails; it’s also dabbling in the art of beer brewing. In Virginia, Belly Love Brewery’s co-owner, Tolga Baki, took a leap of faith and asked ChatGPT to concoct an IPA recipe with a twist. The AI-inspired “Solar Flare” IPA boasts Nelson Sauvin hops, honey malt, Galaxy, Citra, and El Dorado hops, all wrapped up in a “tantalizing haze of flavors.”

Belly Love joins breweries all over the world embracing AI in the beer-making process. In Canada, Toronto’s Kensington Brewery released A Little Robotic IPA with the help of an AI lab called Dessa. In Colorado, Old 121 Brewery and Banded Oak Brewery teamed up with Chat GPT to create The Bots Made Us Do It, a unique “wellness beer.” Night Shift Brewing in Massachusetts introduced AI-P-A, boasting mango, orange pith, and pine notes, while Rio Bravo Brewing in New Mexico brewed Algorithm, a pale ale with a perfect blend of grapefruit and floral flavors.

Second Sin Brewing’s owner took to Instagram to tout “Jake Against the Machine” – their take on this latest trend.

This AI-powered beer trend is only getting started, and it’s surprising both brewers and beer enthusiasts with its creative potential.

Raising our glasses to the future

We can already taste a future where humans and AI collaborate to brew up something truly extraordinary. A middle path where AI is used to enhance, not take over, creativity, and where humans and bots aren’t pitted against each other, but work together.

Just don’t let AI do the marketing. At least not yet.

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